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Track Sponsorship

We could use your help, Beltway 8 BMX is in search of sponsors! We need companies that are willing to make a charitable donation to our organization to benefit the children and teenagers of the Houston area. Your donation will be 100% tax-deductible; and it’s for a great cause.
Since BMX is one of the largest growing sports in the US, with over 60,000 members in the ABA, your company has the opportunity to be advertised all across the United States. National races attract thousands of spectators and racers. The weekly local exposure is outstanding, as there are three local BMX tracks in the greater Houston area where your advertisement will be seen.
This BMX track will benefit the children and young adults of Houston and the surrounding areas by helping kids to focus energy in a positive direction, build confidence, teach kid’s about setting and reaching goals, and developing strong minds and bodies. No one sits on the bench in BMX! All riders participate in a competition matched with other riders of their similar age and experience level. Our kids learn fair competition, good sportsmanship, perseverance and individual responsibility among other things.
For your participation in our team’s effort, we will be offering opportunities for your company’s name to appear on our team’s website with a link directly to your company’s website, and advertisement on our team banner. The most generous sponsor’s have the opportunity to be prominently displayed on our team’s jersey.

“Staging”: $0-250
Why $0.00? This is for the folks who might give shovels or rakes or other such items.

‘The Starting Hill’: $250-500 Range
Your Name/logo advertised on the team’s web site with link to company’s website and a 4X4 sign at the track.
‘The Hole Shot’: $500-750 Range
All of the above and your company name on the team banner.
‘The Finish Line’: $750-1,000
All of the above + your company’s name on the team tent, trailer, jersey.
This is where you can help. As a non-profit organization, we don’t have the ability to purchase all the items needed to maintain our BMX complex. We are relying entirely on donations and fundraising. Can we count on your support? Please contact Ray Kirkpatrick! All contributions are greatly appreciated-no contribution is to small.

Things You’ll Need To Get Started
Every rider must wear:
* a properly fitting helmet (full face protection preferred)
* long pants
* long sleeved shirt (coverage to at least elbows) or short sleeves w/elbow pads
* shoes that completely enclose foot
Bicycles must be in good working order with:
* all chain guards, pegs, reflectors and kick stand removed
* a working brake system (hand rear brake or coaster brake is acceptable)
* complete bar end plugs (no exposed metal on end of handlebars)
* a full pad set is also recommended (top tube, cross bar and stem pads)
* the wheel diameter no less than 16 inches (in order to get up & over obstacles)
What does it cost to ride the track?
PRACTICE ONLY - $5.00 per rider
Riders must have an active ABA membership to participate and that information is provided below.
SINGLE POINT RACE EVENTS - $10.00 per rider
Since our competition events are sanctioned by the American Bicycle Association (ABA), membership is required for riders who sign up to compete or practice. If you'd like to participate in a race event, you can sign up for an ABA membership at the track!
How much is an ABA membership?
One-Day Trial ABA Membership - FREE
The ABA offers a "one day, one time only" membership which allows a rider to check out BMX for the first time, while assuring that the rider is properly insured.
Annual ABA Membership - $45
This membership is valid at any ABA sanctioned track nationwide and is good for a full 12 months from the date of application. Annual members receive a complete membership kit - number plate, membership card for racing and an ABA rulebook with complete racing rules. In addition, the racer will receive the monthly BMXer magazine - packed with news, current race coverage and rider interviews. It keeps every ABA rider up-to-date on all events, races and member benefits. In each issue, listed under the racer’s district and name, will be his/her current points and ranking. To top it all off, the rider is insured with secondary medical insurance.
How old do you have to be to ride BMX—and does it require and special skills?
Our racer range from 3 years old to our Crazy Old Guys who are well into their 50’s! - so age is not really an issue. If you can ride a bicycle with little assistance and without training wheels - YOU CAN BMX!
Every new rider starts at the Novice (beginner) level and advances at his/her own pace. Some riders are really good at BMX the very first time on the track. Other riders need lots of practice.
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